Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Greening My Mother

Hey, bringing back an old favorite of the blog, where I pass along a helpful link or idea that is rather earth-friendly in the hopes of swaying my mother into the 21st century. She recently got an iPhone, which is something massive to celebrate because it means she has a phone that no longer flips (now that just leaves my technology-challenged sister as the last family member living in 2002).

Anyhow, this edition is about a new store that does double duty in the green/eco department. It's called Herban Lifestyle (oh yeah, good work with the name). They are based over in Alexandria and they sell bath products for the ladies and the fellas. I heard about them well over a year ago but wanted to test drive as many of the MEN products as possible before deciding whether to give them the thumbs up or not. So it's awesome that they not only ply their trade in chemical-free products, but since they are local it reduces the footprint for not having to ship it from all over.

Well, guys, feel free to give them a ring or order from the website because the stuff is legit. I started with the aftershave, which takes a little getting used to at first but is quite good. It helps that it features rum as a base (for that stingy effect) but also a bunch of aloes and and dolphin tears to help keep the post-shave skin from bursting into flames. The other two products I gave a spin and like very much is the face lotion (because let's be honest, this ugly mug ain't getting younger) and the soap. And before you make fun of me for buying soap, just know it's beer soap. Oh yeah, beer and soap. Together. Thank you, I'll have another. I'll admit the bars are a little small and don't last as long as your typical Irish Spring or whatever, but it's better for you and is a lot more fun to say "I use beer soap" as opposed to saying, "honey, buy me some Dial at the store, will ya?"

As you can imagine, I haven't taken any of the women's products for a spin, but I'm going to trust they are going to do you just fine. I've heard of some other companies like Urban Cowboy and others that sell all-natural/chemical-free stuff for men, but they didn't impress me with the descriptions or product listings so for the time being I'll keep hunting for other products like deodorants and let you know if I discover something good.

In the meantime, if you're considering some aftershave or some lotion or something, give Herban Lifestyle a chance because you're doing good for your body and the planet all at the same time. As the knight in "Last Crusade" would say, you've chosen ... wisely.

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